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Topographic Survey/Site Survey

Topographic surveys, commonly referred to as “topos,” serve as a crucial foundation for land development projects. They offer a detailed depiction of a site’s existing spatial features. It involves measuring and representing the elevation, contour, and configuration of the terrain, as well as the location of natural and man-made features such as buildings, trees, fences, and roads.

Understanding the site’s topography and dimensions is essential for accurate planning and optimal use of land while adhering to local regulations. With our extensive experience, we specialise in providing top-quality topographic surveys for both residential and commercial properties. By working closely with our clients, we ensure they have precise, comprehensive information crucial for their projects’ success.

Our Process

Our surveyors use a combination of techniques to map the topography of an area depending on the size and nature of the land. This process involves taking precise measurements of angles, distances and elevations by using modern survey equipment such as Total Stations, GPS, 3D Scanners and Drones(if needed).

Once we have a better idea of the survey requirements for the land, we conduct a thorough site survey. This includes documenting ground levels, buildings, trees driplines, fences, retaining walls, paved areas, power poles, phone and water connections and any other items we believe will be relevant for the survey.

Upon completion of the survey, we use specialised software to create a detailed plan of the area. The finalised plan will be presented in PDF format for the client to print and in digital format for designers to use. Additionally, site photos are included in the package to assist the design process.

When Topographic Surveys Are Needed

Topographic surveys are needed in various situations and for a range of purposes where accurate understanding of the land’s surface features is crucial. They form the basis for all design.

  • Construction Projects – Topographic surveys are vital before any construction work begins. They provide essential data for architects and engineers to plan the layout, design foundations, and ensure proper grading and drainage for buildings and infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Development – City planners, civil engineers, and government agencies use topographic surveys for designing roads, bridges, tunnels, and utility networks. Accurate survey data ensures that infrastructure is appropriately placed, taking into consideration the natural landscape.
  • Flood Risk Assessment – Topographic surveys aid in evaluating flood risks by mapping the land’s elevations. This information is crucial for developing floodplain maps and determining areas prone to flooding, enabling better disaster preparedness and land use planning.

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