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Crosslease To Freehold

A crosslease to freehold conversion is required when you want to remove the shared ownership and have full control of the ownership of your land. This change eliminates shared land complications, and often enhances the property’s market value. When the property is made freehold, there will no longer be a requirement for neighbour’s approval if you choose to make alterations to the building footprint.

However, all owners involved in the crosslease arrangement must consent to the conversion with their crosslease neighbours.

Crosslease to Freehold Conversion with A I Bates Ltd.

AI Bates can offer a seamless and cost-effective “start to finish” cross lease conversion service. We are licensed cadastral surveyors who can handle all necessary assessments. To convert a crosslease property to freehold, a subdivision survey is required with necessary certification from the Council.

Our surveyors will conduct a Topographic/site survey and prepare a scheme plan.

Next, a planning report and infrastructure report are prepared as part of an application to Council to obtain subdivision consent.

Following this, our surveyors will then conduct a Land Transfer subdivision survey to legally subdivide a piece of land.

While most conversions proceed smoothly, our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to provide effective solutions if challenges arise.

We are here to help you!


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