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Scheme Plan Design

Scheme plans are detailed drawings that illustrate the layout, design, and various aspects of a property development project. Scheme Plans play a pivotal role in any subdivision project, outlining the proposed land tenure arrangement and ensuring clarity regarding responsibilities and rights for all involved parties. These plans also play a crucial role in the planning and approval process, providing essential information for property developers, architects, engineers, and local authorities.

A detailed scheme plan can include site layout, clear demarcation of property boundaries, zoning information, building footprints, and details about essential infrastructure elements, such as water supply lines, sewage systems, electrical connections, and green spaces.

Scheme plans are often part of the package of the Resource Consent application and demonstrate to Council the intention of the subdivision. Once approved, these plans become a Council record outlining the approved layout and design specifications for the property development. They are referenced during the construction phase to ensure compliance with the approved plan.

How We Prepare Scheme Plans

We will prepare a scheme plan that indicates all new lot dimensions and areas. The plan will show any easement positions that may be required along with a memorandum of easements schedule.

When preparing the scheme plan, we may also need to review architects, civil engineers, traffic engineers, geotech engineers, arborists, landscape architects and ecologists plans and reports. This will help us to decide on the correct location of internal boundaries and the need for easements, covenants and amalgamation conditions and/or residents associations and incorporated societies to manage jointly owned assets.

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