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Monitoring Movement / Deformation Surveys

Monitoring Movement/Deformation Surveys are specialised surveys conducted to monitor and assess any changes in the position or condition of a structure or land over time. These surveys are particularly important for properties located in areas prone to land movement, such as near construction sites, slopes, or areas with unstable geological conditions.

Monitoring movement surveys are often conducted over an extended period to detect gradual changes, allowing for timely intervention if necessary. This type of survey is crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of structures, especially in areas susceptible to ground movement, subsidence, or landslides.

Deformation surveys are conducted to assess and document any changes in the position or condition of a property caused by nearby construction activities, excavation, or other ground disturbances. These surveys provide accurate data to evaluate whether the observed changes are within acceptable limits or if they pose a risk to the property’s stability.

These surveys require highly accurate surveying methods and equipment to undertake multiple site visits and monitor movement over time reporting on how much movement has occurred.

Surveying instruments, such as total stations and precise levelling equipment are used to measure angles, distances, elevations, and deformations accurately. The collected data is analysed and compared with previous survey data to identify any significant changes or movements.

Contact A I Bates Ltd if you want to carry out monitoring movement or deformation surveys for your land. Our team is equipped to conduct a thorough survey and create a detailed report for ground movement.

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