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Removal Of Limitations

Does your land title show the note “Limited as to Parcels “ on the header page? At A I Bates, we can assist by removing the limitation from the Title to guarantee accurate dimensions and parcel area.

The note “Limited as to Parcels” indicates that the parcel boundaries, dimensions, or area of the land described in the title are not fully guaranteed. The term originated from the original Deeds Titles that transitioned into the Certificate of Title system introduced in New Zealand in the 1930s.

During this transition, there might have been insufficient information about the boundaries when the first Certificate Title was issued. Rather than forcing the cost of correctly surveying the boundaries at the time, a notice was placed on the Title, “ Limited as to Parcels” to indicate its limited guarantee regarding the parcel details.

Under this title, the owner still has full ownership rights over the land, but the dimensions and area of the land parcel lack the same full guarantees as normal titles

How to remove “Limited as to Parcels” from your Title?

To remove this title, extensive research of old plans and long-standing onsite occupation is required. Time is invested in analysing all information and calculations to accurately determine the original intended boundaries.

Once the boundaries are established, new pegs are placed, a dataset is prepared, submitted to LINZ, and a new title can be issued. This provides a clear and accurate representation of your property.

Why You Should Get Rid Of This Limitation?

Removal of the title “Limited as to Parcels” provides clarity and assurance regarding the accurate boundaries, dimensions, and area of your land parcel. It eliminates uncertainties related to the property’s size and shape.

Properties with clear, well-defined titles tend to have higher market value and are more attractive to potential buyers. Removing this limitation can potentially increase your property’s market worth.

Moreover, a clear title reduces the risk of legal disputes in the future. It ensures that there are no ambiguities regarding property boundaries. And if you plan to develop or expand your property in the future, having a clear title without limitations ensures accurate planning and adherence to legal requirements.

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