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Boundary Redefinition Surveys

Be certain of your property’s limits and avoid encroaching on your neighbour’s land by confirming your boundaries with us. A boundary redefinition is a more cost-effective solution compared to unintentional encroachment.

Boundary redefinition typically requires a survey conducted by licensed surveyors to accurately measure and document the property lines.

Once the boundaries are monumented, the new survey information is submitted as an official land record. Boundary redefinition is commonly done to resolve boundary disputes or accommodate new construction projects.

When conducting a boundary redefinition, we will generally carry out the following tasks:

  • Investigate the property title and legal documents related to the property boundary.
  • Calculate the position of boundaries initially using survey software in the office.
  • Visit the property and search for old existing survey marks to confirm our location.
  • Take accurate measurements of the boundary using survey equipment to place boundary pegs, disks and/or stakes.
  • Record any evidence of existing occupation, such as posts, fences or vegetation.
  • Draw survey plans and create reports on methods and results.
  • Submit the plans to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) as legally required.

Please Note:

If pegging the boundary is not practical, alternative solutions such as placing line pegs will assist you in understanding the location of the boundary.

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