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Land Transfer Subdivision Survey

Need a hand with your subdivision project to ensure that the newly created lots comply with local regulations and legal requirements? Whether it’s a multi-unit development or subdividing a section from your existing property, our surveyors will conduct a Land Transfer Subdivision Survey to legally subdivide land into fee simple lots.

Our Process

We research and collect detailed cadastral information and title information from the LINZ database to accurately determine the position and area of the land to be subdivided.

A site visit to the property is required, where we search for existing survey marks to confirm the boundary positions.

Accurate measurements of the boundary are taken using survey equipment to place new boundary pegs or disks for the new boundary positions.

Evidence of existing occupation is recorded, such as posts, fences, or vegetation.

The complex process of calculating boundary parcels and easements to meet LINZ survey standards is then undertaken and the cadastral survey dataset is then prepared and submitted to LINZ for registration and title transfer.

Size Requirements For Land Subdivision

Different zones in the city have specific minimum size criteria for subdivided properties, and compliance with these regulations (outlined in the local Unitary Plan) is essential.

For vacant lot subdivisions – the current minimum site size requirements for various zones are:

  • Lots in the Single House Zone must be at least 600 square metres.
  • Lots in Mixed Housing Suburban Zone should have a minimum size of 400 square metres.
  • Lots in Mixed Housing Urban Zone should be a minimum of 300 square metres.

However, the original lot size is not the sole determinant; planned dwellings are also subject to site coverage restrictions, and you may be able to subdivide into smaller lots, provided your architect can demonstrate that they can fit dwellings on by adhering to Council’s constraints.

Contact AI Bates Ltd for Subdivision Survey

Subdividing your land often presents more challenges than expected. By partnering with us, you gain access to a skilled and dedicated subdivision coordinator who knows how to manage every individual aspect of your project. We demystify the jargon and guide you through each stage of the process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable subdivision experience.

Whether you’re subdividing to sell the land, generate rental income, or build and sell properties, we can assist you in your journey.


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