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Rentable Areas

Rentable areas, also known as leasable areas, refer to the total space within residential or commercial property that can be rented out to tenants. These areas are used in sale and lease documents to determine the usable space available to tenants for their specific purposes. Rentable areas are crucial for both landlords and tenants, as they establish the basis for rental calculations and capital value.

As a surveyor, our job is to accurately measure the area of the building used by the tenant or prospective purchaser.

These measurements are based on:

“The Guide for the Measurement of Rentable Areas” for measuring floor space in commercial and industrial buildings, office accommodation, retail premises, warehouses and factories.


“The Guide for Measurement of Residential Properties” for measuring floor space in residential buildings including single dwellings, town houses, and apartments.

In sale and lease documents, rentable areas include:

  • Usable Area: This is the actual space within the tenant’s premises that they can use for their business operations. It includes offices, meeting rooms, and any other areas exclusively allocated to the tenant.
  • Common Areas: These are shared spaces within a commercial property used by multiple tenants. Common areas may include lobbies, hallways, restrooms, elevators, stairwells, and parking lots. The total rentable area often includes a proportionate share of these common areas, which tenants indirectly pay for as part of their lease agreements.

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